We are pleased to inform you that we are a wheelchair accessible hotel. Please just let us know in advance and we will work to accomodate your needs.

Yes, we accept US Dollars also the main credit cards (AMEX, Visa and MasterCard).
Normally we do not provide the exchange money service in the hotel, for that there are ATM’s in the airport and in the city and they offer the best exchange rates.
Also you must know that most restaurants and taxis accept US dollars.

The distance from the airport to the hotel is approximately 20 minutes by car or taxi.

The suggested tip for hotel services (including cleaning and laundry, maintenance, security guard and gardening) is 10%.
The typical tip for quality service in Zihuatanejo restaurants is 15%.
Our team spirit at Puerta Paraiso makes us very proud, that is why our dedicated staff (many of whom are never seen) divide tips equally among them. That’s why we ask you to leave the tip at the time of your departure.

❂ Two quality golf courses are located near the hotel, it’s just a matter of taking a taxi.
❂ There are an infinite number of water activities, including sport fishing, snorkeling, kayaking, jet skiing and boat rentals.
❂ Take the zip line while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the tropical forest, ride a horse on the beach, swim with dolphins and/or explore the recently excavated pyramids.
❂ Enjoy exploring the quaint shops and pleasant restaurants of the city of Zihuatanejo.
On the other hand, one of the favorite activities of our happy guests is to do nothing!

Read more about activities offered in the area on our Experience page.

Yes, we offer massages in the suites, on the beach and/or in the gardens. The cost of the massage is $ 750.00 pesos per person, with duration of one hour.

We can schedule a private appointment for yoga sessions at the hotel or in the instructor’s studio if you prefer. We can gladly get you a quote and make your reservation – please just let us know before your arrival.

There are two quality golf courses located in Ixtapa, Marina and Palma Real. They offer golf carts and rent the necessary equipment. Our staff would be happy to help you book a reservation.

The best and closest places to surf are at Playa Linda (9 miles), Troncones (24 miles), Saladita (29 miles) and El Rancho (32 miles).
Surf lessons are also available and directed by expert instructors, who will pick the students up at the hotel (usually between 8 and 10am).

There are many popular restaurants in Zihuatanejo, located along the beaches (La Ropa, La Madera, Municipal Beach), and some in the city. The distance from Puerta Paraiso to the city is approximately 15 minutes. Our guests usually take a taxi to their destination. It will be a pleasure for us to help you select a restaurant and make reservations.

Sorry, scooters and/or motorcycles are not allowed on the beach.
But there are scooters to rent in the city. Our staff will gladly help you with your reservations. We strongly recommend that you exercise caution when driving a scooter in the city and on roads. 

Walking on Playa Larga beach is completely safe.  It is a beach that offers total tranquility.

Yes, we do!
Please contact us at: info@puertaparaiso.com with your request and questions and we will gladly send you all the information about weddings and events at Puerta Paraiso.